Academic Programs

IZTECH is divided into three faculties and one graduate school.

Education is carried out in 18 undergraduate programs, and 44 graduate programs both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. We have a total of around 5500 students, 4200 of which are undergraduates. The number of students per faculty is 20 in undergraduate, and 6 for graduate programs. And we have international students from 48 different nationalities.

IZTECH Undergraduate Programs:

IZTECH Graduate Programs:


With our education and research that conform to international standards, our diploma is recognized worldwide with European Credit Collection and Transfer System diploma supplement and diploma label. Our student-centered, project-based education methods aim to help students become modern researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs who embrace teamwork and produce innovative technology. Our graduates are highly respected both nationally and internationally and are admitted to top universities abroad for postgraduate studies. In addition, we provide laboratories with the latest technology to help students advance in their respective fields.

IZTECH, has 13 research and application centers and advanced research infrastructure. The ongoing research projects at IzTech are funded by various institutions, both national and international, including Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the European Union.