KYK Student Dormitory

The Higher Education Credit and hostels institution, Urla dormitory administration, which serves as the Izmir Regional Directorate, has a capacity of 1032 students (456 girls, 576 boys) and consists of 43 student blocks (24 boys, 19 girls). Each student block is two storeys and each floor has four rooms, eight rooms and 24 students capacity.



In the Life Center located on the IZTECH Gulbahçe campus, there are blocks where graduate/ doctoral students, undergraduate students and Technopark employees can stay separately. Social facilities are shared and open to those who do not stay in the resort. A total of 221 rooms are available for guests in 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms. Each room has a private bathroom/WC, kitchenette (mini fridge-electric cooker), TV and air conditioning.

  • +90-232-7658444