Internationalization Policy Document

İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is an internationally recognized and respected academic institution and carries out its activities with all its units on an international platform with an understanding that takes initiative. The fact that 100% of the education is carried out in English in all its programs is an indication of the importance that IZTECH attaches to internationalization. The policy determined by IZTECH to maintain and further develop its international recognition includes a multidimensional internationalization approach.

In this sense, IZTECH takes the following as the  the basic elements of its internationalization policy: (1) to complete quality cycles in education and research activities by giving priority to international accreditation, rating and evaluation processes, and be at the forefront, (2) to create a multicultural campus environment by increasing the ratio of international students and academics, (3) to develop the social and cultural infrastructure for international students and academics, (4) to maximize its international participation by establishing international partnerships with academic and administrative units and by taking active roles in the prestigious institutions formed by different universities and institutes, (5) to be visible in academic environments and science diplomacy by taking on founder or similar active roles in international organizations, (6) to increase the accumulation of international experience by strongly supporting participation in student and academician exchange programs, (7) to improve accumulation that can benefit from international grants at the highest amount in order to develop the existing research and education infrastructure, (8) to establish balanced relations with every country and culture without making any discrimination between region, country and policy while developing international relations.

IZTECH also attaches importance to digitalization in its internationalization activities, considering the fact that the higher education system cannot be isolated from international influences and international competition in the digital age we live in.