Internationalization Strategy


To increase IZTECH’s cooperation and recognition at international level and to help it become a World University.


In order to make IZTECH a world renowned and respected university; 

To be an International Office that

  • Leads international cooperation and partnerships,
  • Emphasizes human-oriented interaction with universities in developing countries as well as developed countries,
  • Uses digital technologies in all kinds of internationalization activities and contributing to its transformation.

Aims & Objectives

Scientific Research

  • To increase the international recognition of IZTECH in research activities
  • Contribute to attracting international researchers to IZTECH

Innovation Ecosystem

To support the establishment of IZTECH collaborations with leading international universities and researchers in innovation


  • To support our students and Faculty to gain international experience
  • Contribute to increasing the international recognition of IZTECH in education

Institutional Development and Social Contribution

  • To contribute to gaining the culture and experience of internationalization in the institution
  • To develop collaborations with international universities in corporate fields