Erasmus+ Learning Mobility Incoming Students


Please fill in the online Application Form in order to start your application process. Following documents listed below must be submited during the application. You can get more information about the documents or download them by clicking on them.

  1. Learning Agreement (Signed by both student and coordinators)
  2. One Passport Sized Biometric Photo
  3. Scanned Passport (Identification and visa pages)
  4. Health Insurance Valid in Turkey


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 15

Spring Semester: December 15

Nomination Deadlines

Email Address for Nominations:

Fall Semester: August 1

Spring Semester: December 1


ECTS Grading System

Below tables are applied for conversion of grades between IYTE Grading System and ECTS Grading System. Those tables were approved by The Senate of IYTE.

Conversion of IYTE Grades to ECTS Grades for Incoming International Undergraduate Students
IYTE GradesECTS Grades
AAA (best 10%)
BA, BBB (next 25%)
CB, CCC (next 30%)
DCD (next 25%)
DDE (next 10%)
FDFX (some work required to pass)
FFF (considerable further work required to pass)
Conversion of IYTE Grades to ECTS Grades for 
Incoming International Masters Students
IYTE GradesECTS Grades
AAA (best 10%)
BAB (next 25%)
BBC (next 30%)
CBD (next 25%)
CBE (next 10%)
CCE (next 10%)
DC, DDFX (some work required to pass)
FD, FFF (considerable further work required to pass)
Conversion of IYTE Grades to ECTS Grades for 
Incoming International Doctorate Students
IYTE GradesECTS Grades
AAA (best 10%)
BAB (next 25%)
BBC (next 30%)
CBD (next 25%)
CBE (next 10%)
CC, DC, DDFX (some work required to pass)
FD, FFF (considerable further work required to pass)


1. “IYTE Yaşam Merkezi” which translates to “IYTE Life Center” in English is one of the best options for accommodation if you prefer to be close to Campus. You can also accommodate here temporarily until you find a better option for yourselves.

You can have an idea about what kind of place it is and learn about prices from the official website of IYTE Yaşam Merkezi with photos.

2. Most of the incoming students prefer to rent a house together with their friends at the city center of Izmir (45 to 60 minutes from campus) or Urla which is a town approximately 20 minutes away from the campus. Our advice is to see the campus and the city center for yourselves and then to decide where you would like stay.

3.There may be students who are willing to have you as roommates at their houses in Izmir and Urla but this option is not precise, so you should also have a plan B. Relying on this option is risky.  If you prefer this option, we can communicate with these people for you before your arrival and ask them if their offer is still available.

Health Insurance and Residence Permit

Health Insurance

İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE), do not cover any insurance expenses for incoming Erasmus students.

A health insurance valid in Turkey will be necessary for both your application to study at IYTE and for your residence permit in Izmir.

But it must be noted that not all of the health insurances that are valid in Turkey are usable for residence permit application. Be sure that your health insurance can be used for residence permit application before you arrive Turkey.

The best alternate option is to get General Social Security Insurance (SGK) before the residence permit application. The fee is approximately 50 TL/month. It is not a very good option for getting health services but it will work for getting a residence permit.

Residence Permit

You must apply for a residence permit within one month after your arrival. First step must be done electronically.

*Students will apply to the İzmir İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü in Konak (Konak Mahallesi, 855. Sk. No:40, 35250 Konak/İzmir) with all of the documents listed below on the date and hour of their appointment given by the online application form.

Documents Required for the Residence Permit Application in Turkey

  1. Residence Permit Application Form signed by the foreigner and/or his/her legal representative. (
  2. Passport and original and photocopy of passport substitute document (pages containing identity information and the page containing photo and processed pages) 5 / 15
  3. Four (4) pcs photos (must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric. Do not upload family, selfie, unrecognizable, non up-to-date or black and white photos into the system, otherwise residence permit document shall not be issued!)
  4. Declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Is declared in the Application Form. Directorate may request supporting documents.)
  5. Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration. One of the following document is considered as sufficient):

° E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to be obtained from provincial social security units which states that the foreigner is benefiting from the health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements

° E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed provision document received from Social Security Institution (Provision documents to be received from Social Security Institution must be in such a manner that they must be both supportive and cover family members.)

° E-signed or signed, stamped document of the application made to the Social Security Institution to become a general health insurance holder

° Private health insurance (The policy must have the expression of “This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications.”. Please present signed and stamped/sealed original of your insurance policy during application! For extension applications, attach only approved (sealed, signed) copy of your policy into your application file.)

  1. Student certificate which shows that you are entitled actively to benefit from the rights of being a student (e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document)

If you change your address after your residence permit application, we strongly recommend you to inform Registration Office about your new address within 48 hours.

Academic Calender

Contact Information

Incoming Erasmus Student Advisor:

Gizem Köfünyeli

Izmir Institute of Technology

International Relations Office

School of Foreign Languages


Tel: (0232) 750 7889, Fax: (0232) 750 7895

Institutional Coordinator/ ECTS- DS Coordinator

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Hatice Eser ÖKTEN

Departmental ECTS-DS Erasmus Coordinators

FacultyDepartmentCoordinatorE-mail Address
ArchitectureArchitectureAssoc Prof. Ebru
  Assoc Prof. Ülkü İNCEKÖ
 Architectural RestorationDr. Fatma Nurşen
 City and Regional PlanningProf. Dr. Adile
 Industrial DesignProf. Dr. Alexander Van
EngineeringBioengineeringDr. Ahu ARSLAN
 BiotechnologyProf. Dr. Gülşah Şanlı
 Chemical EngineeringProf. Dr. Sacide Alsoy
 Civil EngineeringAssoc Prof. Gürsoy
 Computer EngineeringDr. Burak Galip
 Electronics and Communication  EngineeringAssoc Prof. Kıvılcım YÜKSEL ALDOĞ
 Energy Systems EngineeringDr. Başar ÇAĞ
 Engineering ManagementAssoc Prof. Hasan Engin
 Environmental EngineeringDr. Altan Ö
 Food EngineeringAssoc Prof. Efe SEZGİN
 Materials Science and EngineeringAssoc Prof. Umut
 Mechanical EngineeringDr. Kasım
ScienceChemistryDoç. Dr. Engin
 MathematicsDr. Neslihan GÜGÜMCÜ
 Molecular Biology and GeneticsProf. Dr. Çağlar H.
 PhotonicsDr. Emre
 PhysicsProf. Dr. Orhan ÖZTÜ