TWAS Programs

TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) is a UNESCO program which aims to support scientific activities in developing countries. It provides awards, scholarships and supports to scientists and offers opportunities for scientist exchange programs.

It supports the usual visits of researchers from developing countries to centers of excellence in southern countries. About 300 centers in southern countries; 175 in Argentina and 98 in all other developing countries were selected to participate in the program.

IZTECH Integrated Research Center (TAM) was selected as a Center of Excellence by TWAS-UNESCO in September 2019.

Grants for Research Activities

TWAS provides grant supports for equipment, supplies, etc. to researchers or research groups in some developing countries.


TWAS encourages researchers to do best of their work with its awards and gives researchers worldwide recognition. TWAS awards go to scientists who make significant contributions in the fields of Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Medical Sciences and Engineering Sciences .

Doctoral Fellowships

TWAS her sene gelişmekte olan ülkelerin en iyi kurumlarında doktora imkanı için 360 dan fazla doktora bursu vermektedir. Burs imkanları Brezilya, Çin, Pakistan ve Güney Afrika’da bulunmaktadır.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

TWAS awards more than 360 doctoral scholarships for doctoral opportunities in the best institutions of developing countries each year. Scholarship opportunities are available in Brazil, China, Pakistan and South Africa.

Visiting Academics

If an institution in a developing or very underdeveloped country needs an expert academician in its field, TWAS supports the relevant institution by covering the cost of the specialist’s transportation. Visiting academicians teach at the host university and contribute to project development in the needed fields.

TWAS Visiting Expert Program: aims the mobility of academicians who are experts in the field of natural sciences other than the fields of Physics and Mathematics. It offers mobility for a period of 2-4 weeks.

Visiting Researchers

TWAS allows researchers from developing countries to continue their research in different countries. Scheduled times vary according to TWAS-UNESCO Associateship schemes. Financial support is provided by both TWAS and the host organization.

Calls are available in five schemes:

TWAS-UNESCO Associateship Scheme

TWAS-Visiting Expert Program

TWAS Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training

TWAS – NRF Doctoral Program

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships in Mathematics in collaboration with TWAS

TWAS-UNESCO Associateship Scheme

The researcher who will benefit from the program is elected for three years. During a three-year period, the researcher has the right to visit the center of Excellence a total of 2 times, each time for 2-3 months. Depending on the state of resource adequacy, the researcher’s assignment may be renewed for a further three-year period. The Program covers the transportation costs of the researcher and contributes up to 300 USD per month for the cost of work. The center that will host the researcher provides housing and research opportunities for the person.

A researcher applying for the program must have a minimum doctorate or equivalent degree and should be working in the field of Natural Sciences. Researchers with nationalities of developing countries in the south can apply for the program which does not have an age limit for application.