Institutional Facts and Figures


İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is a Turkish state university established in 1992 to offer higher education and carry out research in the fields of science and technology.

We are currently the only Institute of Technology, and one of the best research Universities of Turkey. We also rank in the top three Universities that adapted to online education the most successfully in Turkey during the recent pandemic.

Language of Instruction

All courses at our Institution are taught in English.


Our campus is located at the beautiful seaside town of Urla, which is close to the bays with many blue flag beaches with pure waters and the world’s best windsurfing spots such as Çeşme and Foça. The world famous historic sites like Ephesus and Pergamon are also in a very close distance to our campus.

Our campus, which is the 3rd largest campus of Turkey, has 35 km2 of land. We have 2 student dormitories; one public and one private, within our campus, which welcome both our national and international students. There are also, restaurants, cafeterias, as well as sport facilities within campus and other accommodation possibilities nearby.

Education and Research

IZTECH is divided into three faculties and one graduate school.

Education is carried out in 18 undergraduate programs, and 44 graduate programs both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. We have a total of around 5500 students, 4200 of which are undergraduates. The number of students per faculty is 20 in undergraduate, and 6 for graduate programs. And we have international students from 48 different nationalities.

With our education and research that conform to international standards, our diploma is recognized worldwide with European Credit Collection and Transfer System diploma supplement and diploma label. Our student-centered, project-based education methods aim to help students become modern researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs who embrace teamwork and produce innovative technology. Our graduates are highly respected both nationally and internationally and are admitted to top universities abroad for postgraduate studies. In addition, we provide laboratories with the latest technology to help students advance in their respective fields.

IZTECH, has 13 research and application centers and advanced research infrastructure. The ongoing research projects at IzTech are funded by various institutions, both national and international, including Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the European Union.

Teknopark İzmir

Another on-campus institution that supports our mission to contribute to the fields of science and technology is the “İzmir Technology Development Zone,” called Teknopark. About 150 technology companies operate within Teknopark. One in every fourteen of our academicians and three per thousand of our students own a company within Teknopark. Our students participate in research and complete internships with these companies in their fields of interest. This helps them to establish connections and jump-start their entrepreneurial careers. Graduates open their own companies within or outside of Teknopark thanks to their hands-on experience.

IzTech was ranked first among the public Universities of Turkey in the international student satisfaction survey of 2018 conducted by University Assessments and Research Laboratory.

Life at IZTECH

Our students have the opportunity to engage and enjoy the dynamic social life within campus through over 60 active student clubs. Our students also get the chance to gain international experience during their studies at IzTech, in where we give great importance to internationalization and to intercultural engagement. Our University is an active participant in Erasmus exchange program and we have over 120 bilateral agreements with partners from all over the world.